HAVANA, CUBA - JUNE 7, 2011: Old classic American car rides in front of the Capitol Havana. Before a new law issued on October 2011, cubans could only trade cars that were on the road before 1959.
HAVANA-DECEMBER 14:Street scene with cuban people and colorful old buildings December 14,2012 in Havana.Founded in 1515,Havana is the largest city in the Caribbean with 2.4 million inhabitants
The city of Havana including the old town and several iconic buildings


Havana Day Tour

With its peeling Spanish buildings, 1950s American cars and cigar-chomping locals, Havana looks and feels like something from a movie set. Our Havana Classic Car tour immerses you in the capital’s charms. Among the sites visited are Old Havana, Revolution Square, Colono Cemetery and the Vedado district.

You’ll be guided through the crumbling old town, a UNESCO-protected, 500-year old quarter riddled with cobbled streets and plazas, and baroque churches. Next, head to the harbor, from where Spanish galleons laden with New World treasures departed. Another highlight is New Havana, where you’ll see Revolution Square – site of the massive public rallies held by Fidel Castro. It’s dominated by a towering monument to national hero, José Marti, and a giant bronze mural of the face of Che Guevara.

See also the Malecon promenade, the Colon Cemetery and the Vedado district, which is home to some gems of early and mid-20th century architecture in Cuba, with neoclassical, art nouveau and art deco buildings.

from Havana / from Varadero

€119.00 / €149.00


This is the standard tour plan – changes can be made for every tour.

- Only when driving from Varadero -

Our drive from Varadero to Havana will take about 2 hours. First stop is at Bacunayagua’s bridge where you have the opportunity of enjoying one of the most popular cocktail of the island, the “Pina Colada”. We would be arriving in Havana around 10:30am, the perfect time to visit to the surroundings of the Morro-Cabaña fortresses complex.

Modern Havana

Panoramic tour along the seafront avenue, “Malecón”, the Revolution Square, Central Park, Opera House, Capitol building, former Bacardi Building, Prado promenade, Sloppy Joe’s Bar, Floridita Bar and Museum of the Revolution, former Presidential Palace. Stop at these places for pictures.

Old Havana

Lunch at a local restaurant (not included). Visit to Saint Francis of Assisi Square, Arms Square, Old Square and Cathedral Square, El Floridita bar, La Bodeguita del Medio bar, Hotel Ambos Mundos (Ernest Hemingway´s regular bars and hotel in Old Havana).

Flea Market

Visit to Hotel Nacional, a cigar factory, the Rum Museum of Havana and take free time at the Flea Market. A visit to the Columbus Cemetery is optional.

Drive back to your accommodation

We will leave Havana at 4:00pm (2 hours drive to Varadero). Arrival time to your accommodation in Varadero would be around 6:30pm


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