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Vinales Day Tour

The Viñales Valley is Cuba’s most important “tobacco country” – but to emphasize this aspect, you must prove an area of such natural beauty that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During this day excursion you will discover its mogote landscapes, enjoy a boat trip in the famous Indian cave and visit a cigar factory.

After pick-up, you’ll head west to Pinar del Rio province. The Viñales Valley is right in the heart of this rural backwater where sombrero-clad farmers are frequent sight. Think palm trees and tobacco plantations set against ‘mogotes’ – limestone hills that rise steeply from the valley floor. One, the Mogote Pita, is decorated with a huge mural depicting prehistoric scenes.

There’ll be a visit to the Indian Cave, where you’ll enjoy a boat ride along its underground river, which emerges through a crevice into a jungle.

You will have time to see a tobacco plantation and also a tobacco drying house where the leaves are fermented at the field just before the rolling process which you will also see at the farmers house.

We will have time for a lunch break and ader we will see the Vinales from a unique point offering a spectacular view you will not easy forget.

from Havana / from Varadero

€149.00 / €289.00


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Vinales Tour Departure

Viñales – in Pinar del Rio province – is well known for growing the finest tobacco leaves in Cuba and also in the world. So the main attraction for those who take this tour is or course, cigars and tobacco farming. Starting our tour in Varadero, Havana is on our way to Pinar del Rio, and we could enter Havana to have a quick break, it’s all your decision. Spectacular views and unique landscapes will escort you as you go.

Indian’s Cave

Visit to the Indian´s Cave to take a gorgeous boat ride along a river which runs inside the cave. Admission fee is 5.00 CUC per person.
Visit to El Palenque de los Cimarrones, former refuge for runaway African slaves. Admission fee is 3.00 CUC per person.
Free time to explore the heart of Vinales village. Mix with the locals at Vinales down town.

Pre-History Mural

Visit to the Pre-history Mural, a worth seeing hillock´s wall where local evolution was painted monumentally. Admission fee is 3.00 CUC per person.

Lunch Time

Lunch at a local restaurant (not included).

Los Jazmines

Visit to Los Jazmines Hotel lookout, the most famous spot for taking pictures of the valley.
Visit to a tobacco plantation “Vega”, a tobacco shed and a farmer´s house to be more familiar with tobacco cultivation. Watch how a cigar is hand rolled and try their homemade coffee.


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